17th Nordic Process Control Workshop

Technical University of Denmark, Kgs Lyngby, Denmark
January 25-27, 2012


Proceedings of the 17th Nordic Process Control Workshop.


Session 1 - Award Session

Lorenz T. Biegler: A Nonlinear Programming Path to NMPC and Real-Time Optimization


Session 2 - Identification and Monitoring

Jukka Kortela & Sirkka-Liisa Jämsä-Jounela: Fuel Moisture Soft-Sensor and its Validation for the Industrial Biograte Boiler

Remus M. Prunescu, Mogens Blanke, Jakob M. Jensen & Gürkan Sin: Temperature Modelling of the Biomass Pretreatment Process

Amir H. Shirdel & Hannu Toivonen: Identification of Switching System

Jørgen K.H. Knudsen: ModelID, an Interactive Program for Identification of MPC Relevant State-Space Models

D. Peretzki, A. Isaksson, A.C. Bittencourt & K. Forsman: Data Mining for Process Identication


Sesssion 3 - Control Applications in Industry

Tommy Mølbak: Intelligent Control in the Future Energy System. Challenges, Solutions, and Business Potential

Anne-Katrine Ipsen: MPC at Statoil's Kalundborg Refinery

Jonas Andersson & Stuart M. Stocks: Appplication and Development of APC Schemes in Novozymes' Fermentation Pilot Plant

Falko Jens Wagner: Using Computer Models to Save Energy: An Early Warning Model for Tunnel Pasteurizer Energy Consumption


Session 4 - Optimization

Johannes Jäschke & Sigurd Skogestad: Optimal Controlled Variables for Parallel Process Units

J.P. Maree, J.B. Rawlings & L.S. Imsland: On Performance for Tracking MPC

Andrea Capolei, Carsten Völcker, Jan Frydendall & John Bagterp Jørgensen: Single Shooting and ESDIRK Methods for Adjoint-Based Optimization of an Oil Reservoir

Roshan Sharma, Kjetil Fjalestad & Bjørn Glemmestad: Optimization of Lift Gas Allocation in a Gas Lifted Oil Field as Nonlinear Optimization Problem

Per-Ola Larsson, Johan Åkesson, Niclas Carlsson, Niklas Andersson: Model-Based Optimization of Economical Grade Changes for Borstar Polyethylene Plant


Session 5 - Perspectives of Control in Industry

Sten Bay Jørgensen & Morten Lind: Modeling Operating Modes during Plant Life Cycle

Kristian Stoltesz, Charlotta Johansson & Tore Hägglund: Teaching Control Principles to Industry Practitioners

Jacques Richalet: Industrial Application of Predictive Functional Control


Session 6 - Poster Session


Session 7 - Control Theory

Sigurd Skogestad & Chriss Grimholt: The SIMC Method for Smooth PID Controller Tuning

Pasi Airikka & Mats Friman: Wannabe-MPC for Large Systems based on Multiple Iterative PI Controllers

Ramprasad Yelchuru & Sigurd Skogestad: Regulatory Layer Selection through Partial Control


Session 8 - Monitoring and Fault Diagnosis

A. Zakharov & Sirkka-Liisa Jämsä-Jounela: Fault Detection and Diagnosis System for the Drying Section of a Board Machine

Florin Stoican, Sorin Olaru & Morten Hovd: MPC Techniques in Fault Tolerant Control Design

Sebastion Roll & Heinz A. Preisig: Event-Driven Flow Control of Incompressible Fluid

Harri Aaltonen: Process Monitoring of Three Tank System


Session 9 - Control Applications

A.H. Mollerup, M. Mauricio-Iglesias, N.B. Johansen, D. Thornberg, P.S. Mikkelsen, G. Sin: Model-Based Analysis of Control Performance in Sewer Systems

M. Hultgren, L. Lohiniva, J. Kovacs, J. Ritvanen & A. Tourunen: Dynamic Simulation of Oxy Combustion in a Pilot Scale CFB Boiler

H. Mikkonen, L. Lohiniva, A. Tourunen, M. Jegoroff, M. Hultgren & J. Kovacs: Experimental Testing of Oxy Combustion in a Pilot Scale CFB Boiler

Torsten Wik, Anna-Maria Carstensen & Tessa Pocock: Greenhouse Artificial Lighting Control

D. Boiroux, S. Schmidt, L. Frøssing, K. Nørgaard, S. Madsbad, O. Skyggebjerg, A.-K. Dunn-Henriksen, N.K. Poulsen, H. Madsen & J.B. Jørgensen: Control of Blood Glucose for People with Type 1 Diabetes: an in Vivo Study